Notam to Vista or Seven  users :

in order to generate the user registration key (32 digits code - option Register) you have to launch FS 2004 with "Run as administrator" option. Even if one is logged as an admin on a windows Vista or 7 system it is necessary to run FS9 explicit with admin rights (use run as-command) to let the AC-module generate the user registration key.

Q. I installed Active Camera 2004 version 2.x on FS 9.1. The mouse zoom and mouse panning around the cockpit was not responding and I would CTD within 30 seconds of starting the game.

R. Microsoft released an update for FS2004. Since FS9.exe has been modified it is obvious that Active Camera 2004 version 1.1 or later will cause a CTD (Crash To Desktop) with FS2004 update (due to a memory addresses conflict). This warning is also stated in the FS9.1 readme file. Download and install the appropriate Active Camera version (see the "Download" page)


Q. I installed the ActiveCamera 2.x for FS 2004 (update to 9.1). Product is registered and no of the AC function works anymore

R.  you use the no-cd patch for Fs2004 (9.0). The FS update modified some memory offsets and pointer variables, Active Camera checks for data in the FS9.exe, which is not the same with the no-cd exe (for FS 9.0). Use a no-cd patch for FS 9.1 (or revert to the original updated FS9.exe) then our program will work fine.


Q: I'm not able to set up the approach view. In approach view or in flyby mode the camera is "hanging" behind the plane and doesn't change to observer mode (approach view). I get this "miles away" from aircraft approach view. The manual states to click in the scenery window with SHIFT and right mouse button to set the observer viewpoint.  When I press this combination FS comes up with a window asking me to select a view (spot view, tower view, cockpit view and so on). I have lost my observer view altogether.

R: Go in FS2004 - Options - Active Camera 2004 - Keys, and assign a new combination to the mouse click.

Example :

1. Highlight Set approach view point

2. Click on Modify

3. the program asks you to set a key or mouse button

4. press CTRL + Left mouse button (or SHIFT + Middle mouse button)

In this case you won't use the right mouse button and won't call the FS window.

The same applies to set scenery padlock point.


How to play an approach view step by step:

1. land and stop aircraft

2. start up instant replay 60 seconds with "repeat" checked

3. during replay go into virtual cockpit mode

4. on approach, press "P" to pause

5. press shift simultaneously right click mouse on the airfield position you wish to view from (or another key combination you defined)

6. go to your FS2004 menu bar - Options/ActiveCamera/check "approachView"

7. go to your FS2004 menu bar - Options/ActiveCamera/Setup - set the camera transition altitude to 500 feet

7. press "P" again to unpause

8. cycle to FS default Tower view


Q: when I turn off the computer I get the closing program for FS9. In other words it has not closed when I exit Flight Sim some hours before.


R: Due to a conflict with DirectInput on some computers the FS9.exe process is still running after FS 2004 is shut down. Therefore it was not possible to save the Active Camera settings in the setup menu. Download the fix (see the Download page). This dll fixes the issue. Note that you will no longer be able to assign Active Camera events to any joystick button.


Q. : When I call AC2004 windows through the shortcuts – such as setup or to save preset settings, or even register – FS9 appears to be running, but no screen is displayed.

R. : In FULL SCREEN MODE it is advised to call the windows through the Active Camera menu rather that with the hotkeys (FS2004 - Options – ActiveCamera 2004)

Q. : When I open setup or register windows – the sim is crashing (I get a black screen). I have to reboot FS2004.

R. : In fact the sim doesn't crash at all, FS2004 is still running but the window is not displayed. It is a known issue with some 3rd party windows open in FULL SCREEN mode. Revert temporarily to WINDOWED mode (press ALT+ENTER) and the window will be displayed correctly. Fixed in update 1.1 for some graphic displays.


Q. : When I go in external view the airplane seems out of shape.

R. : These screen shots show a corrupted appearance. You get there by activating "external pilot view" and then toggling the “S” key (cycling between views).  It is because you switched from external pilot view to another view mode, without returning to the VC. External and internal views are linked in AC2004 code. When you leave the external view it is therefore advised to revert FIRST to the virtual cockpit.


Q. : Is there a solution to have the Gradual Transition constantly disabled. Every time I launch FS2004 this option is default enabled.

R. : save your default FS startup situation with the Gradual transition unchecked. Next time you’ll launch FS2004 this option will be unchecked.


Q. : I have a Logitech wireless mouse with a scroll wheel. It will not allow me to pan the view from side to side or up and down in VC or Spot view. All I can do is zoom in and out by turning the scroll wheel. Pressing it down and moving the mouse has no effect on the view whatsoever.

R. : Click on your mouse icon in the system tray and make sure that the scroll wheel/middle button is set to "Middle Button". If the default setting for the middle button was set to "AutoScroll", you have to change it to "Middle Button" to have it function like a standard mouse in FS2004.


Q. : What is the best setting for the fly-by view ?

R. : it depends on the dimensions of the airplane and its speed. Example : DC-3

·        fly-by duration : 20 seconds

·        camera relative altitude : 0 feet

·        minimum distance : 2500 feet

·        set the zoom to 002.5 (FS2004 - View - View Options - Tower)



Q. : When I register the program I have this message “key not valid product is in demo mode”?

R. : it is because you left a blank space when you copied/pasted the authorization key we sent you. To avoid any blank spaces type the authorization key manually.